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March 8, 2011

Its not just about Old School vCenter – Introducing vCenter OPs

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One of the benefits of being a vExpert is the ability to see some of VMware’s Press Releases prior to the release date. Today VMware is introducing vCenter Operations. This is the culmination of the Integrin purchase and some internal developed code.
The idea behind vCenter Ops is that IT Administrators are in need of a complete data center correlation and monitoring tool. vCenter Ops will pull data from multiple sources such as vCenter, EMC Smarts, SCOM, and many other sources. It wil then be able to show capacity management, health and workload correlation. if you need to learn how a VM is affecting other VM’s on the ESX server or in the environment, this is your tool. Besides this you will have a really nice interface that is extremly easy to use. This is the first version of this so there are some small features missing such as different views per user based roles but these will work themselves out over time. I was very excited to see this today.
This is a major step for Cloud Computing and Virtualizing of Tier 1 applications. Through this new interface IT administrators will not just need to guess how things are effecting each other in the virtual world, they will have evidence.

If anyone is interested in learning more, drop me an email or message me on twitter.


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